Choose your Music

Snowflake the Red Trolley loves music, especially your music. We have a sound system that can work with almost anything you bring along. Here’s the specific information you’ll need to make sure you are compatible. If you need more info, just ask!


Any iPod with a dock connector or standard headphone jack will work great. If you have a third-generation iPod Shuffle (the one with no buttons), you’ll need to bring your own adapter.

Smartphones (iPhone, Windows Phone, Droid)

Not sure what you want to listen to? Get the free Pandora, Spotify, or apps and let the cloud decide for you. We support them all. We even have an adapter for the first-generation iPhone.

Flash Drive or Portable Hard Disk

A standard PC-formatted disk with MP3, AAC, or ATRAC files that connects via USB. If your disk has its own power cord, please let us know so we can provide an AC inverter for you to plug in.

Zune, Sansa, Archos, Laptop

or other Media Player

Any player with a headphone jack will work great. If you need a power outlet, let us know so we can provide one.


Standard CDs and MP3 CDs work without any adapters or hassle. Just pop it in! We can support SACD or DVD-A with a little notice.


We have a three-speed turntable ready for your 12” or 7” vinyl records. Please keep in mind that even the best stabilizers can’t totally protect your vinyl while the trolley is in motion, so we recommend you use another format if you’re worried about preservation.


We think it’s great that you’re still holding on to the mixtape your sweetie gave you in 1989. Let us know in advance and we’ll break out the tape deck and get ready to groove to the sounds of Jefferson Starship.

Speaker Specs

Our six speaker system features Sony and Infinity speakers and a high-power Sony head unit for maximum fidelity. Our subwoofers provide excellent dynamic range for all music types.

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